Christian Day Memes (all too funny)

Hey folks I am a public figure who speaks out about other public figures especially when they fuck up ….. Other people like to make Memes (political satire)

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do and do not forget to check out : Christian Day the Forrest Gumpp of Witchcraft

1012943_349420655240212_4786763807504421707_n 1796554_10205220531691749_6259673504550944050_n 10698603_10152554605923800_1842236037511725417_n 10716020_951006434915227_1187848864_n 10716073_945071932175344_657195987_n 10959826_1543217752611123_4095416812640579669_n 11156751_10204476956267065_1499150786_n aaaaa abusers Anon CD Asshole Vase Balloon knot Bunny CD Cartoon CD Guard CD Home CD King3 CD meme CDAY baby pic Day and Cabot Day Troll Deficating destiny Derp diapers dickhead warlock DivA douche doxed duckhunting CD england warlock eye of bull fiddlesthicks Flexin the Hexin Fluff bunny Hex Followers funny farm Graveyard cock hitler day jail moldies national geographic NOLA hex fest Ohj so pretty phodsfaryweyto.php plank powerful shit QueenNola Rape of CD Salem ATM SEACOW smnoke and mirrors sockpuppets stupid for hire swine swine2 tag team the power of three troll uncle vincent VIII wanker warlock dearest Warlock pic cartoon Warlock to the stars woman hating warlock


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