Who owns the body of a Satanist?

Responsibility of one self is to the individual not a brothers keeper


Who owns your body? It is assumed that if you identify with the Left Hand Path, where the individual seeks to manifest their will to be the master over their own life, that the Satanist considers they are the primary authority and master of their own body, and what they might wish to do with their body.  With this in mind, it amuses this writer, that there are so many groups, religions, laws and arguments in society by people who think they have a stake in my body.  Lets consider some of these issues relating to my own body, or the body of any Satanist.


If anyone wishes to use their body as a vehicle to make money through selling sexual services, or two consenting adults wish to participate in paid sexual activities, why not?


Like prostitution, any individual over the age of 18 might legitimately like to…

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