About Ronald French

What does one say or write about themselves?

me profile………………………………………1985

Well I have been a Satanist since 1983 and my brand is Independent philosophical Satanism.  I can also state I am a Pantheist as I see it we are all energy and live in a quantum universe.   I also label myself as an occultist as many talk or write about journeying into the black veil there is a big fucking difference in action than prayer.  In other words there are the doers and the weekend armchair quarterbacks.  We are all guilty of both at one point in time or another.

I find myself with abundant of supporters and adversaries.   All of which I would not change for the world.   If one stands up for something or for someone hold true for what you stand for. To better know the people and the world around you it is best you know yourself first.  With that said I find myself in somewhat of a roll of an activist and those who make my radar see a new level of fame they were not prepared for and have always tried to avoid.


I am a fool in many great and less points of things which I put on my sleeve after all if you cannot first laugh at yourself you are loosing in the game called life.


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