When fighting with the mentally challenged or the immature . . .

For some of my readers and listeners this can easily describe me. I know this that is why I am writing this down now just after the conversation.

Since my accident I have been somewhat bedridden with medical appointments, physical therapy , and the like. So to kill off this cabin fever I frequent my friends comic shop and surf the web and check out any collectables that may have come in.

The topic came up about a store worker and his epidemic of shoplifting he has experienced. This is not an item here or there rather carts of top end merchandise leaving the store with the store policy of non confrontation. This I understand since you can loose more money in employee injury than the loss of the item(s) . I of course interjected by saying unless its a store you own then you would shoot them for strong arm robbery and usually a group puts said owner in jeopardy but also owning a store you have the rights to protect yourself , clients , and property.      Another gent interjected spouting a polar opposite way of thinking and as usual with no solution or clarity just criticizing  . Ok I get some people may not like firearms and think hugging a bad guy is a sound solution… not me .
As usual buy  now everyone has a phd in criminal law of who is libel for this and that etc. Personally I rather ask for forgiveness than permission when it comes to my actions of self preservation … In short I defend myself with death as an ending result by my hands whether I eat at home or in a jail cell I am the one breathing another day and that what counts with me.

I did the traditional ‘served in the us army’ was a ‘former law enforcement officer’ experience talk to be shot down by You can be making this up like me being a space engineer he replies .   To give credit where credit is due he is right .  Although I may have voice my disdain for breathing air in the same room with me I calmed down after I realized who I and arguing with ….

True In my early to mid twenties I served in the armed forces and worked law enforcement.   This kid who is in his twenties comes in with his teddy bear.

I know then I have been cooped up far to long and need to hit the gym as my doctor requested … LOL

There is no right or wrong here.   Comedy at its finest .   A person like myself will solve issues if deemed with what I think is necessary and teddy bear boy …. well what can one say ?   Sigh and UGH  on my part for being compassionate about my own personal liberty and having inadequate people in the debate.   I am sure there are details left out and may up date this as time goes one.


About revronaldfrench

I am a Satanist/occultist/Free Thinker/Artist/Welder who has a very unique look on life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. When one impedes these things you will hear about it from me world wide.
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